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In 1953 Don Manuel Ventura founded the company. During the first 28 years, a lot of agricultural machinery and trailers were built with a technology that many manufacturers in the sector, and currently recognized, did not match at their level (in terms of manufacturing). All the machinery produced was not promoted in Spanish territory but was marketed in the provinces of Girona and Barcelona (in counties such as El Vallès, Maresme and Osona), close to where the facilities were located.

From the year 1981 we began to exhibit at the most important agricultural machinery fair in Spain, as well as visiting dealers of tractors and agricultural machinery. After 5 or 6 years, the Ventura brand was already known throughout the Spanish territory, selling a large number of equipment in all the provinces of the country.


VENTURA FOREST MACHINES, S.L. It currently has five warehouses that make up the 8,000 m2 of its total surface area in almost equal parts, so that some 4,800 m2 are used to house the manufacturing section itself, while the rest is occupied as a machinery warehouse, service of spare parts, offi ce
technique and offices.

Since our beginnings, a will to grow has been demonstrated. Today it is a factory equipped with modern production machinery and tools and a highly
qualified and experienced.

In addition, at Ventura Maquinas Forestales we subject all our prototypes to the most extreme operating conditions in order to guarantee both the performance and the maximum quality and durability of all our products.

A close relationship with our clients is synonymous with trust and security. As far as possible, we are always close to give a prompt response to all our customers.

Ventura, Forest Machines, S.L. Every year it attends various very specialized fairs in the sector to exhibit its wide range of machinery.

Global Venture

In 2001 Ventura decided to open the export market abroad and began exposing these last years, from 2001 to the present, at various professional fairs in France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Belgium and Poland, among others, in order to introduce our products. abroad.

The company currently exports 65% of its production. The Ventura brand currently has representatives in 35 countries (Austria, Germany, Australia, Belgium, Belarus, Bulgaria, Chile, Republica txeca, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, France, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Martinique, Morocco, Nicaragua, Norway, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Romania, Serbia, South Africa, Sweden, Ukraine, Uruguay, United States).

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