TFVJP - LODDON- Stone and forestry mulcher and soil stabilizer

Suitable for Crushing stones and wood, soil milling, road maintenance and stone recycling. It converts the stones into dust in order to fulfil site preparation purposes.


  • All formed with replaceable Hardox sheet wear the entire chassis.
  • Robust machine made in high yield steel chassis in order to withstand the most intense efforts
  • Detachable anti-wear plate frame & back cover for easy changeover.
  • Can crush stones from 15cm and brushes up to 20 cm 
  • Milling depth 15 cm.
  • Widia Hammers with tungsten tip, specially treated.
  • Sufficient protections to safeguard the operator’s safety.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Adjustable counter knife against wear.
  • Freewheel in the gearbox
  • Belt Driven
  • Timing Belts SPBX
  • Hydraulic rear door.
  • Depth setting skids made of anti-wear Steel (standard).
  • Third point category III.
  • Transmission (standard).
  • Rear grader blade (standard)
  • Push Bar (optional).
  • Third hydraulic point (optional).
  • Centrifugal starter clutch (optional).
  • Rear roller control(optional).