DLVP - Fraser - Paralelogram side weeder

Professional hydraulic brush-cutter with parallelogram, suitable for working even in situations with narrow passages. Indicate for cutting grass, vegetation in general, bushes and branches.

Tractors with power between 100 and 130 cv. Standard equipment: Mechanical safety stops for road transport, shockproof rear bar with LED lights, heat exchanger, double oil filter (intake and exhaust), floating system on the rotor, safety gate with accumulator of automatic, return nitrogen, 3 point attack, locking rods, control arm, remote controls with 5/6 flexible cables, 12 cm head, double direction of rotation of the rotor, 48 articulated blades, 12 row helical rotor, roller adjustable, real with 4 internal conical bearings, removable front rotor hood, 54 hp double pump kit and minimum, occupancy in transport position 190 cm.