TPVH - HAN - Stone Crusher & Soil Stabilizer

Designed with a very robust construction to withstand the most intense efforts with high elastic limit sheet metal. With a coating on the entire frame and removable anti-wear plate rear door
that is easy to change.

Crushes stone from 1 to 20 cm and 13 cm milling depth. The standard hammers are made of tungsten widia with special treatment. Equipped with sufficient protections with double chain to safeguard the safety of the operator. It is easy to maintain. As standard equipment it has SPBX toothed transmission belts, a hydraulic piston motor and two types of skids; one for depth work and another set of anti-wear steel skids with depth regulation.

As an option, it can be designed with a hydraulic rear door, upon request. The machine frame is made of HARDOX high strength sheet metal.