TFVJH - NAVIA - Hydraulic forestry mulcher for excavators 10-20 Tn


Hydraulic forestry mulcher with swinging / oscillating hammers 360º for excavators 7 – 16 Tn and for mini loaders.
Best suited for trunks up to 200 mm diameter.
Suitable for all types of wood, gardening and agricultural uses.

• Very strong mulcher made of high yield sheet plate.
• Timing belts SPBX.
• Hydraulic rear door
• Very strong hammer holder shaft made of anti-wear steel plate with Swinging/Oscillating
hammers 360º.
• Hammers forged for a long life and heavy work.
• Double cut hammers.
• Widia/Tungsten tipped hammers.
• Piston Engine
• Attachment for mini-charger (optional)
• Attachment for rotating excavator (optional)
• Hoses (optional)


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