TFMF - MADEIRA - Forestry mulcher with rigid fixed vidia hammers for tractors from 200 to 400HP


Forestry mulcher best suited for trunks up to 400 mm diameter.
Suitable for all types of wood, gardening and agricultural
The forestry mulcher TFMF Ventura was designed to
satisfy the demands of the forestry industry. It can be
used for clearing wood thickets, forest tracks, fi rebreak
maintenance, and clearing burnt areas for reforestation
purposes. It can also be used for clearing non cultivated
grounds, electric/telephone line maintenance.
The resulting material can be used as organic compost for
agriculture and gardening. When used for muching trunks
of considerable thickness, the TFMF will leave on the
ground a very fi ne material that can be used as compost.

Standard equipment

  • Freewheel included in the gearbox.
  • Hydraulic rear door


  • Transmission with limiter
  • Adjustable 3-point hitch
  • Strengthened rear pushing bar
  • Skids for depth work
  • Rear pushing bar rakes

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