TFMFKR - SHARK - Forestry mulcher with fixed vidia hammers for tractors from 300 to 500HP

Forestry mulcher suitable for shrubs and logs up to 600 mm diameter.

And suitable for wood crushing , gardening and agricultural. The Ventura TFMFKR forestry mulcher was designed to meet the demands of the forestry industry. To perform tasks such as cleaning the understory, opening forest trails, training and maintaining firebreaks, crushing and annihilating burned areas for reforestation. It is also useful for uncultivated land reclamation, maintenance of electrical and telephone lines. Organic compost is usually used for agricultural or garden use.

The Ventura TFMFKR crusher, suitable for the crushing of plants and fogs of considerable dimensions, leaves a very fine material on the ground which is given the utility indicated above. The machine frame is made of HARDOX high strength sheet metal.