TFVMFD - ELSA - Forestry mulcher double traction for tractors from 100 to 230HP


Forestry mulcher best suited for trunks up to 300 mm diameter and for all types of wood, gardening and agricultural uses.


• Very strong mulcher made of high yield sheet plate in order to support the most hard work.
• Suffi cient protections to safeguard the operator’s safety.
• Easy maintenance .
• Freewheel included in the gearbox.
• TFVMFD models feature double drive belt system.
• Timing belts SPBX.
• Hydraulic rear door
• Fixed hammers with widia/Tungsten tips.
• Depth setting skids made f anti-wear steel.
• Third point category III.
• Transmission (optional).
• Rear pushing bar (optional).
• Hydraulic third point (optional)
• Centrifugal starter clutch (optional).
• Skids for depth work. (optinal)
• Rear door rake (optional)

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