How to take part

Record a video while you are working

What you will get in exchange:

  • An extra direct discount on your next spare parts order.

What to record:

  • Record yourself while you are working with a Ventura brand team (models from 2020).
  • Record at least 1 minute.

Recommended procedures:

  • Record your videos vertically with your mobile phone or camera.
  • The videos must have good resolution.
  • Don't forget that the sun is behind your back.
  • The best hours for the intensity of the colors of the light are the first hours of the day and at dusk.
  • Camera movement can add dynamism to your video, but make sure it's smooth and fluid. If you can use tripods or stabilizers to avoid shakes and sudden movements, much better
  • Where to send the video:
  • Send the videos to ventura1@venturamaq.com with the maximum resolution. If your weight is excessive you can use the wetransfer program to send.


  • By sending the video you declare that this content is your property and transfer the rights of use to Ventura forest machines S.L.
  • Authorizes Ventura forestry machines to use the video in its communication and social networks.